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New SEIS & EIS Accreditation
Last year we ran a sponsored EISA survey for UK financial advisers to find out what the barriers were in preventing them from offering SEIS to their clients. So that we can help to address them. One of the key findings was a clear need for more educational materials and resources around SEIS investment. Since then we have released our simple Investors Guide to SEIS, which advisers can download for free and even pass on to clients. In continuation of our support for advisers, we are also now pleased to announce that we are providing further education and resources for SEIS investment. We have partnered with Intelligent Partnership to release 3 brand new SEIS modules for their EIS accreditation. Which is now a complete SEIS & EIS course for advisers. Offering up to 5 hours CPD and annual renewal. You can find out more information on the course here.


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